Sprint MVNO, PrepaYd Wireless Leaves Customers Out Of Service

The latest in a slew of wireless MVNO’s to silence its lines on active customers without sufficient warning is PrepYd Wireless. The former Sprint MVNO has had its contract terminated by Sprint and leaves thousands of customers to figure out a solution to retain wireless service on their own. Beigephone.com is offering all PrepaYd customers free number transfer from distressed PrepaYd accounts. prepayd wireless closes

PrepaYd joins other popular MVNO’s such as NextG and Talk 4 Good that have shuttered its MVNO resell program in the last 6 months. Other active MVNO’s could be next as the MNO’s drop retail prices and put the squeeze on MVNO’s. PrepaYd dealers received the following message on Feb 14th:

We regret to inform you that Sprint has terminated PrepaYd Wireless’ Sprint MVNO Agreement and that we will no longer be able to activate new customers on PrepaYd Wireless. We have suspended all Top Ups and activations. We have made the Account Numbers available for your Customers in the Dealer Portal under the Customer Report. We are in the process of filing an Anti-Trust Claim against Sprint for what we believe have been anti-competitive and unfair business practices by Sprint to PrepaYd, Wireless Customers, Wireless Dealers, and to other Sprint MVNOs.

Recent news, such as the lowering of At&t and Verizon smartphone plans and the first agreement reached in Congress to potentially allow cellphone unlocking have brought uncertainty for many Sprint and Verizon MVNO’s that are struggling to gain traction in a crowded marketplace. Combine the latest wireless industry news with the reluctance of consumers to switch to a relatively unknown company and you will have dozen of MVNO’s following the same path as PrepaYd Wireless.

MVNO’s do provide a much needed alternative from the pricey contract service plans offered by the top carriers, but the threat of one day having your service interrupted or even possibly losing your number is a PR challenge MVNO’s face. Beigephone features the most popular MVNO’s available for customers and can give wireless consumers a comprehensive view of the MVNO landscape and what options are best for affordable cellphone service.

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U.S. Cellular’s New $50 No Contract Plan too Little too Late

Regional wireless carrier U.S. Cellular is now introducing a $50 wireless plan in an attempt to appease customers who have been underwhelmed with the cellphone service plans the carrier has recently been promoting. It had been a rocky 2013 for U.S. Cellular who integrated a new billing system for its customers with major problems from the outset. Many U.S. Cellular customers experienced double billing and temporary service loss as a result of non paid bills that actually had been paid.

Also in 2013, U.S. Cellular followed in the footsteps of Verizon and AT&T and began requiring a shared data plan for smartphone devices such as the iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy s4. The new U.S. cellular shared data plan was an unskillful attempt to maximize profits on the back of consumers in a similar way that AT&T and Verizon Wireless had previously accomplished. Needless to say, U.S. Cellular began to lose thousands of existing customers as a result, with many choosing to get low cost smartphone service through Beigephone. The U.S. Cellular $50 Plan will offer unlimited calls and unlimited texts but not unlimited data service.

Related: Best Smartphone Plans Under $50

us cellular 50 plan

Beigephone could offer U.S. Cellular customers network access to Verizon, AT&T and Sprint without signing a contract. The wireless plans offered at beigephone do not require a shared data plan and allow U.S. Cellular customers to switch service plans and keep their current cellphone number. Many of the plans also offer unlimited calls and unlimited texts for $30 a month versus the $50 plan offered by U.S. Cellular, including iphone 5s and Samsung Galaxy s4 plans.

It is unclear how the new U.S. cellular $50 plan will affect their relationship with their remaining customer’s. It seems like a possible backtrack in strategy with U.S. Cellular, but hopefully 2014 does not end the same for the regional carrier, with thousands of consumers frustrated and switching to more sensible wireless options.

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Apple News: What Can you do with an Apple Watch? | Apple Rumors to release first iphone watch in 2013

While rumors have been floating around the internet for the past few years discussing Apple’s supposed creation of a new type of smart watch, it seems that the latest reports indicate that the public may soon be seeing this rumor come to fruition. According to a recent report by the New York Times, Apple insiders have noted that the company is working with curved glass in a way to create a new type of wearable device that the public has yet to experience. Although we most likely will not hear about these plans officially from Apple for quite some time, here are some reasons why this exciting concept may soon replace your smartphone. (Also view discount iphone 4’s available with No Contract here.)  apple-iwatch


Simplifying Mobile Payments


While the mobile payment space has already heated up within the past few years with apps like Google Wallet allowing consumers the ability to be able to pay with their smartphones at any NFC terminal, a wearable watch may soon make this new technology a thing of the past. Imagine if instead of even having to pull your phone out of your pocket, you could simply have your credit card information stored securely on your wrist. Hold your watch up to the cashier and you’re out of the store within seconds.


A New Way to Monitor Health


With accessories like the Nike FuelBand already working alongside the iPhone as a way to track your activity levels, being able to wear an “iWatch” would bring the concept of monitoring health to a whole new level. This watch could monitor not only your daily activity level but your heart rate and temperature as well. Doctors and hospitals could utilize this technology as an easier way to help monitor the status of their patients. The possibilities in the health space are endless.


Changing Home Security


With devices already out allowing users to be able to lock and unlock their homes using only their smartphones, who knows what will happen to the home security world if Apple’s iWatch is released. Most likely there will be apps developed for it which means that instead of carrying your keys around, you may simply have to hold your wrist up to your house’s lock and enter a simple passcode to gain access to your home. Gone may be the days of fumbling with your phone or keys.


Texting & Calling on the Go


While hands free calling and texting is already available using your smartphone and a Bluetooth headset, Apple’s iWatch may completely eliminate the need for a smartphone when trying to get in contact with someone. Rumors are already swirling around the web that the iWatch may have advanced communication capabilities. This means that if you’re walking in an unfamiliar place, Siri could communicate through the phone to provide you with directions or allow you to take calls using the watch or reply to text messages using your voice.


Video Chatting Anywhere


Although things like FaceTime and Skype are readily available on the iPhone for video chatting no matter where you’re at, it’s often a painstaking process if you’re out in a public place. After all, no one wants to walk around with a cell phone in front of their face while trying to video chat with someone. Other sources are noting the iWatch may be the communication device of the future, with video chatting capabilities straight out of an old spy movie that may end up turning your smartphone obsolete.

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The Five Most Common Problems with Smart Phones and How to Fix Them

By Josh Evich

Although smartphones are great for so many different things, they also come with their own fair share of problems. While your smartphone may be just fine without fixing anything, by taking care of these common problems, you’ll majorly improve the functionality of your phone in ways that don’t take too long at all. Here are five of the most common problems when dealing with your smartphone and how to fix them fast. (Also, click here to view the best new and used smart phones at beigephone)     beigephone cellphones

1 Short Battery Life

 While smartphone battery life seems to be improving with each and every new model, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your current phone stays charged up for as long as possible. The biggest battery draining factors on any phone are the screen, Wi-Fi, and apps running in the background.

For starters, begin by reducing the screen brightness on your phone. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, simply go into the settings of your phone and toggle down the screen’s brightness percentage. 15 percent brightness is a good setting for indoor use. Apps like Tasker for Android will help you set up times when your phone should connect and disconnect from both Wi-Fi and data networks. To help with the task of apps running in the background, there are plenty of app task killers available for both iOS and Android to download. However, if you would rather just have your phone automate these tasks, consider downloading something like Juice Defender for Android or Battery Sense for iOS.

Distracting From Daily Work

 To help you prevent your phone from continually distracting you, there are many easy solutions that you can implement.

For instance, you may consider utilizing the “Do Not Disturb” feature if you have an iPhone. This feature will block all calls and alerts until you turn the feature back off. There are many applications on Android that can be downloaded to control when and what type of notifications that you receive.

Consider deleting your most time wasting apps or move them off of your phone’s main home screen. This can help lessen the impulse of simply opening your phone and beginning a game of Fruit Ninja instead of filling out that important paperwork.

  • Costing Too Much Money

 All of the additional features that come along with your smartphone may mean additional money that you’re paying each month as well. For instance, many are on a voice and texting plan. Consider utilizing free apps like WhatsApp, which allow for free text messaging to any phone or Google Voice to make free phone calls.

  • Snapping & Editing Photos

 Sure your new smartphone has an amazing new camera but right out of the box, photos look like nothing special. Consider enhancing your photos in many ways. You may want to download an app like Hipstamatic to add some funky flair or use a fisheye lens to impress your friends with your new photo taking abilities.

  • Typing

 If you’re new to the smartphone world, you may find that typing on the screen is one of the many frustrating problems that feels like it will never get better. The thing to keep in mind is that this isn’t your fault. Generally, most stock smartphone keyboards suck. They aren’t too responsive and have annoying built-in dictionaries that try to change your words unless you save them into the phone’s dictionary. Consider switching to a keyboard like Swype or SwiftKey for a much better typing experience.


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Buy Your Next Cellphone Online in 2013 | Online Shopping Tips that Save Consumers Money

2012 was the most promising year ever for consumers shopping online for deals and 2013 promising to be even bigger for wireless consumers. Online shopping gives consumers the added advantage of comparison shopping never seen before. In particular, shopping online for cell phones has become the primary way customers buy new and used smart phones. Wireless consumers today prefer to buy cellphone and cell phone service online. (VIEW ONE OF THE BEST ONLINE WEBSITES FOR SMARTPHONE SHOPPERS)

Several reliable web portals today act as authorized dealers of popular mobile brands. With their large collection of smartphone devices, these buy used smart phones online online dealers are in a better position to offer them at exceptional prices due to the lower overhead costs. Having an online presence, they are able to avoid the costs involved in setting up a real-time store and expenses that include rent, energy bills and other miscellaneous overhead expenses. Hence, the online stores are able to offer the best brands in smartphone devices at unbelievable pries.  (BUY USED IPHONES ONLINE)

Some of these online dealers also offer the opportunity to compare different models and manufacturers, thus making it easier for customers to find the best smartphone that suit their specific preference and budget.  (ACTIVATE YOUR IPHONE WITH A NO CONTRACT PLAN)

Shopping Tips:

With more and more people showing a keen interesting in purchasing smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets online, innumerable online stores have emerged in the market. However, you should purchase a smartphone only from an authorized online dealer who offers genuine products and parts. There are numerous unauthorized dealers who offer products at unbelievably lower rates; however the reliability and authenticity of these products are not guaranteed. Hence, it is always recommended to buy the preferred smartphone brand from authorized online dealers.

With a plethora of products to choose from, it becomes a daunting experience for the online consumer to decide upon a suitable product. Hence, selecting a user-friendly online store that offers customer reviews or comparisons between brands and models saves significant time and money in buying the right smartphone.

A Few Good Online Shopping Portals:

Listed below are some of the most reliable and trusted online stores where you can easily buy and sell your smartphone and tablet.

1. eBay:

It is one of the giant auction sites in the world, with thousands of buying and selling transactions taking place every day. You can find any make and model of smartphone here, also providing you the opportunity to sell your older gadgets here at good price.  You just have to make sure the phone does not have a bad meid.

2. Craigslist:

Ranked as the 24th best online store in the world, it is one of the most reliable and reputable websites on the internet. The website presents a wide collection of items, including gadgets and electronic products like smartphones and tablets. Customers can also sell their products at Craigslist.  Only caveat with Craigslist is there is no regulation, so this means no warranty, as is products.

3. Beigephone.com

Beigephone is one of the telecom industry leaders in providing no contract smart phone service. Beigephone specializes in Bring Your Own Device service, which allows consumers to bring their current smart phone and activate it with a no contract service plan. You are able to get all in one smart phone plans; unlimited calls, unlimited texts with your data plan included for a flat rate, normally about $40 a month.  It is the best destination to review and sign up for No Contract wireless plans and all of beigephone handsets come with a warranty. You can purchase no contract handsets for Verizon, Tmobile, Sprint and At&t.

4. OLX:

It is a large classifieds network, offering a huge collection of electronic products and gadgets that others are selling. People can buy and sell literally anything on OLX, with free signup and instant replies for classifieds.

5. Oodle:

This online store provides a user friendly and trusted marketplace to trade, buy and sell smartphones and other items.

6. Locanto:

With an elegant and simple user interface, this large online shopping service enables easy and convenient smartphone shopping, in addition to other products.

Following these basic tips for shopping online should give you a great opportunity to get a good deal on your next smart phone.

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Buying your first smart phone? | Here is a guide to using popular mobile iphone and android apps

So you’re thinking of buying your first smart phone, great! We’ve compiled a list of some great apps that may make it easier to navigate your smart phone service. Today, the world is such a busy place. This is why many fun and productive mobile apps are created in order to do such things as save time, find the best deal when shopping or just kick our feet up and enjoy a brief moment to ourselves. The technology that has brought us some of the most time consuming buy used phone onlinegames and apps might make it a little more difficult for us to perform best while at work, but without app technology we would not have all of the great interactions available from them. Unlike decades ago a cell phone or mobile device does not have to be used merely for talking. We can make calls and send texts across the globe, and also check out the extraordinary world around us at the touch of a button. Iphone and android apps allow us to reserve special nights in hotels or restaurants, buy presents for friends and relatives, and discover new places and things in nature and science. Here are a few of the great things you can do with mobile apps. Any of the apps that we name can be searched for in the android or iphone app markets. (See Smart phone Service without a contract)

Mobile Apps For Travel:

People who travel quite a bit for their job, leisure, or even for family reasons are always going to need to know exactly where they are headed, as well as the current state of affairs within their destination. Mobile apps help to keep mistakes from happening by allowing a person to reserve a hotel room from anywhere in the world, booking flights without going to an airport, checking the location you are in on a digital map, and even searching for a special place to eat; all of this can happen within seconds. Popular travel apps are FlyRights, HotelTonight, TripIT and XE Currency if you’re traveling abroad. (View discount smart phones here)

Apps To Help Productivity:

If you are a person who owns a small business, a large business, or even property, you know the value of a program to help you be more productive. This can be a lifesaver if you are in a bind making a decision or having trouble locating prices that are essential to your current situation. Apps that increase productivity do so by allowing you to instantly receive data and important files, monitor the assets of your company, and even alert you about appointments. There are many apps such as Dropbox, Astro File Manager, and Evernote that can help you with this. (See best smart phone plans for business)

Apps For Social Networking:

Staying in contact with your friends and relatives is crucial if you are not able to be with them in person. Using nothing but your mobile device you can have easy and immediate access to your favorite social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and many great others. These apps can be used with most phones, but are most commonly seen on the Blackberry and Iphone in the form of messengers like Facebook and Blackberry Messengers, Ubertwitter, and even Foursquare. (Get prepaid iphone service here)

Apps To Help With The News:

Most people in the world of today prefer to receive their news via digital delivery instead of an actual newspaper. There are countless apps that can help you find out what is happening locally and from far away at the touch of a button. Nice mobile apps that do this are ones like NPR News, WolframAlpha, AP Mobile, and BerryWeather. These give you immediate updates as soon as the news is received and allow you to even input your opinion about specific things. (Cut your phone bill in half, but keep all your features)

Apps That Are Just For Fun:

Being bored is horrible for a person, especially if you work at a job that is slow or are otherwise unable to do anything fun for certain reasons. Regardless of what type of fun you want to have, you are surely going to find it in the form of entertainment apps. Some of the most popular apps for mobile devices are Doodle Jump, Draw Me, Words with Friends, The Onion, and Angry Birds, with many others being created each day.

No matter which mobile app you choose to download, you are guaranteed to find new and old information that will help you learn, live and love the mobile world around you.

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Best cellphones for teenagers | No Contract iphone 4s service for children

A No Contract iPhone 4 is the Best Choice for Preteens

If you have a child between the ages of 10 and 14, you have probably been asked numerous times for a cell phone. Most parents cringe at the thought of their child handling a device that could cost them hundreds per year. When you factor in the cost of the phone, the contract commitment, and the monthly plan, a child’s request quickly becomes an investment in the thousands.      best cellphone service for teenagers

Many parents have made a very smart decision to choose no contract cell phone service options for their teenagers.  No contract cell phone service options, commonly referred to as prepaid cell phone service allow parents to responsibly budget the amount of money their preteen spends on cell phone usage.  Many of the no contract cell phone service options include unlimited calls, unlimited texts with the monthly data plan included. Data is necessary to use any of the newer smart phones. These all in one smart phone plans normally cost about $40 per month. There are many options available for smart phone service. (View Best Prepaid Wireless Plans here)

Will Your Picky Preteen Approve?

There is a misconception among young people that having a prepaid phone means having a cheap phone. That is far from true.  Many prepaid carriers offer refurbished iPhones as an option for their devices. It is unlikely that a preteen is going to dislike the idea of having their own iPhone.  If they do, or if an iPhone is not ideal for your child, many prepaid carriers offer smartphones from known manufacturers such as Samsung and Motorola. (Check out Prepaid iphones here)

Although prepaid phones aren’t always cheap phones, your preteen may be somewhat reasonable in being skeptical. In the past, prepaid carriers had a limited selection of phones that could be used with their service. To a certain degree this is still true. Prepaid providers that do sell phones have a smaller selection than the traditional carriers. However, what they lack in selection is made up by the fact that many providers allow you to bring any unlocked GSM phone to their service.

This means any phone that can be used on the AT&T network that has already been unlocked can be used as a prepaid phone. That fact will officially end any complaints about prepaid phones being cheap.  (Best At&t Prepaid Plans)

If you are a little lost about where to find an unlocked phone, check out the selection at beigephone.com.

Pre-Paid Doesn’t Mean it Costs More

For most parents, it is less about the phone and more about the plans when it comes time to decide if a child is ready for a cell phone. Many people assume that because a plan is pre-paid it will cost more. This is absolutely not the case. When compared to similar plans offered by Verizon and AT&T, most pre-paid providers are significantly cheaper. Prepaid plans include the popular unlimited talking and texting option that most families are familiar with. They also include data coverage up to 2 GB that is cheaper than what is offered by the standard carriers.

There are probably still some non- believers and they are probably thinking that prepaid service lacks the coverage area that the standard carriers provide. This is also not true. Most prepaid phones use the same network as contract phones. If you select a provider that uses an unlocked AT&T phone, you can expect coverage that is the same if not highly comparable to AT&T.

So what are the differences between prepaid and standard phones? For one thing, there are no credit checks and contract requirements. This means starting service for your eager preteen won’t require an invasive check into your credit worthiness. It also means you can stop service whenever you decide. If a phone turns out not to be a good idea for your teen, simply stop adding time to the plan. There is no commitment, and there are no fees for stopping.

How Do You Get Started

When you are ready to make the move to no contract cell phone service, then by far the most comprehensive website to review and purchase no contract service options would be through beigephon. (www.beigephone.com) . Beigephone specializes in matching smart phones with no contract service options. You can find a large selection of smart phones as well as the most popular prepaid cellphone service options from the best providers available. All phones include a  service warranty and the service is geared around flat rate billing for unlimited calls, unlimited texts with your data plan included, generally for around $40 a month.

With a prepaid (no contract) smart phone, your preteen can experience the responsibility of having their own cell phone, while you can relax knowing it won’t break the bank. It is a great way to have the peace of mind that your child can be reached whenever you need to.

Now if you can just agree on their wardrobe….


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