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The Verizon iphone is the most popular cell phone in the country. Currently, there is a massive shift from feature cell phones that provide limited mobile capabilities to smart phones, like the Verizon iphone, that allow us to video chat, navigate unfamiliar streets and more effectively organize our lives. An increasing trend we also see as a result of smart phone use has been the increased price of “smart phone data plans”. Cell phone companies like Verizon Wireless allow access to Verizon iphone 4 service only on the requirement of paying for a premium Verizon iphone 4 data plan. Today, beigephone is here to tell you that no longer is the Verizon iphone 4 data plan necessary to use the Verizon iphone 4 for all the remarkable capabilities it provides.              

Page Plus cellular is a company that uses Verizon wireless’ network towers to deliver its nationwide cell phone service. Verizon iphone 4 users can now combine pageplus cell phone service with the Verizon iphone 4 or the Verizon iphone 4S cell phone. Because pageplus uses Verizon wireless network to deliver cell phone service, you keep all the features you love about your Verizon iphone 4 or Verizon iphone 4S with a much more affordable cell phone service plan. You can see the pageplus all in one (voice, text & data) plans here. Beigephone can activate your Verizon iphone 4 today and save you hundreds of dollars on your Verizon iphone 4 cell phone service.  Visit  today to see how easy it is to remotely activate your Verizon iphone 4 or Verizon iphone 4S with pageplus cell phone service.


Buyer Understanding Determines if you Get Expenses Together – Join the Movement

KC is a veteran wireless industry professional and writer for the Beigephone Blog. This blog informs consumers about wireless news and popular cellphone trends. Learn about money saving tips that help you get the best value in wireless. Join the conversation and become a more informed and savvy wireless consumer. Explore the tremendous opportunity to lower the overall cost of your wireless service without sacrificing any of the service quality or popular smartphone features. If you have any questions, visit us online and open a live chat or send us an email.

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