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Their is a concerted effort on the part of cell phone service providers today to shift all mobile phone users to smart phone service versus the feature phone service of the last 30 years. Without getting to specific into the particular reason I think this shift is occurring, let’s just speculate that the cell phone companies have consumers’ best interest at heart and they just want everyone to take part in the wireless smart phone revolution. Smart phones are definitely the way of the future. You can do everything from diagnose your child’s mild fever, to transferring money to your significant other or getting restaurant recommendations while on vacation. We are now entering a new generation of wireless capabilities, lead by these amazing cell phones, but not without a little caveat. Smart phone data plans, which every smartphone requires, are seemingly the necessary admission payed to participate in this wonderful wireless utopia.

Beigephone has pioneered a process in which smart phones, the new standard in mobile communication, can now be combined with prepaid cell phone plans, which offer the preferred price point for the majority of wireless consumers and do not require the arbitrary smart phone plan. Use the most popular smartphones in the world with a prepaid service provider such as pageplus and get the same nationwide coverage. Fully flash your Verizon Motorola Droid Bionic to pageplus and get unlimited talk, text with data for only $40 a month. You can also fully flash the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt or the Motorola Droid Razr 4g phones with pageplus cell phone service. Fully flashing your phone is combining the smartphone with a prepaid cell phone plan and ditching the extra cost for the a smart phone plan. There are some excellent videos showing how flashed phones work here. Yes, you still have access to the same features, apps and smart phone capabilities, but for about 50 to 70 percent less cost than monthly cell phone service with the major cell phone carriers. You can check out more about smart phone flashing at http://www.beigephone.com.

Buyer Understanding Determines if you Get Expenses Together – Join the Movement

KC is a veteran wireless industry professional and writer for the Beigephone Blog. This blog informs consumers about wireless news and popular cellphone trends. Learn about money saving tips that help you get the best value in wireless. Join the conversation and become a more informed and savvy wireless consumer. Explore the tremendous opportunity to lower the overall cost of your wireless service without sacrificing any of the service quality or popular smartphone features. If you have any questions, visit us online and open a live chat or send us an email.

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