Best cellphones for teenagers | No Contract iphone 4s service for children

A No Contract iPhone 4 is the Best Choice for Preteens

If you have a child between the ages of 10 and 14, you have probably been asked numerous times for a cell phone. Most parents cringe at the thought of their child handling a device that could cost them hundreds per year. When you factor in the cost of the phone, the contract commitment, and the monthly plan, a child’s request quickly becomes an investment in the thousands.      best cellphone service for teenagers

Many parents have made a very smart decision to choose no contract cell phone service options for their teenagers.  No contract cell phone service options, commonly referred to as prepaid cell phone service allow parents to responsibly budget the amount of money their preteen spends on cell phone usage.  Many of the no contract cell phone service options include unlimited calls, unlimited texts with the monthly data plan included. Data is necessary to use any of the newer smart phones. These all in one smart phone plans normally cost about $40 per month. There are many options available for smart phone service. (View Best Prepaid Wireless Plans here)

Will Your Picky Preteen Approve?

There is a misconception among young people that having a prepaid phone means having a cheap phone. That is far from true.  Many prepaid carriers offer refurbished iPhones as an option for their devices. It is unlikely that a preteen is going to dislike the idea of having their own iPhone.  If they do, or if an iPhone is not ideal for your child, many prepaid carriers offer smartphones from known manufacturers such as Samsung and Motorola. (Check out Prepaid iphones here)

Although prepaid phones aren’t always cheap phones, your preteen may be somewhat reasonable in being skeptical. In the past, prepaid carriers had a limited selection of phones that could be used with their service. To a certain degree this is still true. Prepaid providers that do sell phones have a smaller selection than the traditional carriers. However, what they lack in selection is made up by the fact that many providers allow you to bring any unlocked GSM phone to their service.

This means any phone that can be used on the AT&T network that has already been unlocked can be used as a prepaid phone. That fact will officially end any complaints about prepaid phones being cheap.  (Best At&t Prepaid Plans)

If you are a little lost about where to find an unlocked phone, check out the selection at

Pre-Paid Doesn’t Mean it Costs More

For most parents, it is less about the phone and more about the plans when it comes time to decide if a child is ready for a cell phone. Many people assume that because a plan is pre-paid it will cost more. This is absolutely not the case. When compared to similar plans offered by Verizon and AT&T, most pre-paid providers are significantly cheaper. Prepaid plans include the popular unlimited talking and texting option that most families are familiar with. They also include data coverage up to 2 GB that is cheaper than what is offered by the standard carriers.

There are probably still some non- believers and they are probably thinking that prepaid service lacks the coverage area that the standard carriers provide. This is also not true. Most prepaid phones use the same network as contract phones. If you select a provider that uses an unlocked AT&T phone, you can expect coverage that is the same if not highly comparable to AT&T.

So what are the differences between prepaid and standard phones? For one thing, there are no credit checks and contract requirements. This means starting service for your eager preteen won’t require an invasive check into your credit worthiness. It also means you can stop service whenever you decide. If a phone turns out not to be a good idea for your teen, simply stop adding time to the plan. There is no commitment, and there are no fees for stopping.

How Do You Get Started

When you are ready to make the move to no contract cell phone service, then by far the most comprehensive website to review and purchase no contract service options would be through beigephon. ( . Beigephone specializes in matching smart phones with no contract service options. You can find a large selection of smart phones as well as the most popular prepaid cellphone service options from the best providers available. All phones include a  service warranty and the service is geared around flat rate billing for unlimited calls, unlimited texts with your data plan included, generally for around $40 a month.

With a prepaid (no contract) smart phone, your preteen can experience the responsibility of having their own cell phone, while you can relax knowing it won’t break the bank. It is a great way to have the peace of mind that your child can be reached whenever you need to.

Now if you can just agree on their wardrobe….


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